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About Us

Why Children with Special Needs?

Life is precious. Children are more precious. The lives of children are the most precious of all. Children are sweet, gentle, and soft, yet vulnerable. They need special care and attention from parents and people around them to overcome several challenges in their precious and vulnerable early childhood. Some made it through and led to a healthy life, but some did not. Living a normal life for even an ordinary child can be quite challenging. I cannot imagine the lives of children with special needs who may have mild learning disabilities, developmental delays, occasional panic attacks, or severe psychiatric problems. To create a condition where a child can learn, play, have dreams and integrate into society, there is a need for full support not only from the parents and family but also from the policymakers, friends, and all of us.

Why Laminthar Foundation?

Laminthar Foundation is an organization that specifically dedicated to children with special needs under five years of age.  In keeping with this focus, our associates and volunteers get involved with and support projects and activities.

What is Mission and how do we want to achieve these?

Founded on 6th June 2007, marking the passing of our sweet baby girl “Laminthar Oo,” the Laminthar Foundation’s mission is: To assist the children with special needs to maximize their opportunity towards productive and independent precious healthy lives.

With this Mission in mind, Laminthar Foundation aims:

  • > To provide early childhood interventions;
  • > To support health care professionals; and
  • > To assist mothers of children with special needs.